About Us

I am Duke Bill head of my expert conveyancing team to provide our clients all the services regarding property transaction.

Conveyancing is a legal act of transferring the property from its existing owner to the new buyer of the property. Conveyancing should always be carried out by a licensed conveyancer. A licensed, experienced and accurate conveyancer will always carry out the conveyancing in a smooth and hustle free manner.

Conveyancing was introduced to eliminate the risk and fraud factor emerging during the entire process. Conveyancing is to be carried out on all types of properties such as residential, commercial and leasehold and freehold properties. Conveyancers also carry out the essential research on the properties that allow a safe property transfer process in the entire duration.

Conveyancing begins with the drafting of the contracts and ends with the final signing of the contracts by both buyer and seller. In the entire process of conveyancing, the conveyancers play a very vital role and help the buyer or seller experience a smooth property transfer.